atv-lowerWe are about our commitment to your patients

Our patient care centers provide a full range of prosthetic and orthotic services and are committed to returning the patient to a productive life-style. Our relationship with our patients is long term, and we encourage you to discuss any questions relating to our services with us. We keep our patients informed about new developments in our field as it relates to improving their daily activities, and periodically check their devices for wear and tear. We maintain extensive patient records and when necessary, link patients to a rehabilitation team.

We welcome comments and suggestions and invite visits to our patient care facilities. Clinical Prosthetics & Orthotics, LLC is committed to providing a full range of prosthetic and orthotic services to enhance the patient’s rehabilitation. Our local patient care centers offer:

  • American Board Certified (ABC) staff of Prosthetics and Orthotists
  • Services for all patient types and ages (pediatric to geriatric)
  • Comprehensive patient education
  • Traditional as well as advanced techniques and components
  • Follow-up reporting and consultation with referring professionals
  • Referral source in-services with audio/visual education programs presenting the latest prosthetic and orthotic technologies
  • Complete and professional reimbursement management
  • Quality assurance program to ensure standards of care are met

Outcomes measurements

Our staff monitor patient satisfaction closely. We select patients randomly from our patient listing and send a questionnaire for quality of service and satisfaction.

For insurance billing accuracy we have implemented an internal audit program. This program is completed quarterly, consisting of four independant audit teams which randomly select 25 files to review for accurracy and completion.

Summary reports of our performance are available to our referral sources and managed care providers… this helps keep us on our toes!