Quality and Compliance

The Board of Directors of Clinical Prosthetics & Orthotics, LLC, support and encourage the implementation of a comprehensive Quality Assessment and Improvement Program. It is essential employees and recipients of our services understand our commitment to delivering only the best quality of care and treatment.

The Board of Directors has assigned the task of overseeing the QAI program to the Clinical Director. Clinical Prosthetics & Orthotics, LLC’s Practice Manager will implement and monitor the program on a daily basis, periodically reporting to the Clinical Director so action may be taken to solve problems and initiate improvements in-patient care as needed. The Clinical Director will report to the Board on an annual basis.

The objectives of our program are as follows:

1- identify the important aspects of care
2- assure for consistent delivery of quality services and products
3- evaluate of our services and delivery
4- respond to evaluations and make changes as warranted

Identifying Important Aspects of Care

  • understanding diagnoses / prioritizing (triage) based on need
  • attention to time frames
  • employing trained / educated personnel
  • education and instruction of patients
  • use of accepted clinical standards in evaluation, measuring, and fitting devices
  • patient acceptance of and satisfaction device function – providing a safe / comfortable / private environment – documentation and communication
  • Assuring for Consistent Delivery of Quality Services
  • identify the services our office can / will provide
  • employ only trained Board Certified practitioners, and require continuing education
  • privilege professional staff to practice only within their scope of practice
  • monitor and evaluate professional staff performance / development annually
  • review of chart notes by Clinical Director
  • provide for in-service training of all staff, hold staff meetings
  • establish policies and put in writing
  • gather and maintain information on the services our office provides

Evaluation of Services and Delivery

  • self evaluation / prepare monthly reports from information gathered
  • Identify PROBLEM PRONE SERVICES and Patients (Multiple follow-up visits)
  • Identify HIGH RISK Patients
  • gather information (monthly, weekly, daily ) from recipients of services and referral sources through surveys, phone solicitation and letters

Respond to Evaluations and Make Changes

Practice Manager and Clinical Director will review responses to survey, letters and phone solicitation. Data will be collected and studied for satisfaction, effectiveness, and areas of concern. Problems will be identified and Clinical Director will determine course for correction if needed.